Lake Providence Operations

Two Management Trainees Join the Big River Team

Earlier this year, Big River Rice & Grain took new steps to invest in the future leadership of the company by hiring two management trainees. This program is designed to identify and capture young talent with the intent that they will be developed into professionals with long-term positions in the marketplace. Big River Vice President of Merchandising Justin Towery states, “The goal of this program is to expose a trainee to the operational and commercial side of the business. After one year of training, they will be evaluated and offered a job where their strengths are.” During that one year of on-the-job experience, a trainee will gain personalized training in our Agspring corporate office located in Leawood, Kansas. Also, they will gain exposure to logistics, trading, futures, options, contracts, creating markets for producers, the day-to-day management operations at several elevators and producer interaction.

In April 2017, the first management trainee, Romeo Stalling, joined the Big River team. Stalling is homegrown Oak Grove native who has obtained a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Louisiana Tech University. Stalling began his experience gaining exposure to the operational side of the business by working at several locations including Pioneer, Lake Providence and Eudora.

In July 2017, Ben Gallant joined Stalling in the program to become Big River’s second management trainee. Gallant graduated from the University of South Florida with a bachelor’s degree in physics and most recently has had experience in teaching. Gallant began by gaining exposure to the commercial side of the business in the Pioneer corporate office. Stalling and Gallant will eventually trade places to learn the skills the other has already gained.

Big River is committed to equipping young leaders with the skills necessary to continue to grow valued relationships, provide efficient operations and serve the community. To learn more about the management trainee program and what Big River can do for you, visit our website and locations: